ES Contracting is a utility management and energy services company. We specialize in delivering energy savings to utility companies throughout the United States.

Rod Street

Rod began his life in energy efficiency 33 years ago by building the first Super Good Cents home in Oregon in 1980. Rod worked with Bonneville Power Administration, and the Oregon State Extension Service to develop new building techniques that improved energy efficiency.

Rod was the premier builder of Energy Efficient homes on the Oregon Coast, before jumping into the utility field as an energy expert for utility companies. He has spent the last 14 years, working in the energy efficiency field and holds PTCS, PATS and BPI trainer and service provider certifications.

Rod was responsible for starting “Home Performance with ENERGY STAR” in Oregon and Southern California, and introduced the BPI certification and testing to these states.

Since then, Rod has been managing and operating ES Contracting, and specializing in duct sealing. He has developed a business model that allows ESC to do many jobs in a short time, while retaining the highest level of quality, and the most CFM reduction compared to other programs.