ES Contracting (ESC) specializes in reducing your utility bill. We accomplish this through duct sealing and direct install measures that help save on water and lighting usage.

In the last year, ESC has completed over 3,500 duct sealing jobs in the Pacific Northwest. We have an excellent track record of delivering incredible savings in a short amount of time.

We have developed turnkey programs that work with existing utility rebates and incentives.

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With central heating and cooling systems, your home circulates air through a series of ducts from a central unit to all the rooms in your home.

Over time seals in the ducting break down and allow heated or cooled air to escape into space where it is not needed. Your natural tendency is to turn up the thermostat, which results in inflated energy bills.

By sealing leaky ducts in your home, the hot and cold air will be delivered efficiently to the space it is meant for. This means a warmer, more efficient home and lower energy bills for your family.


Some people say, "If it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true." We can assure you that is definitely not the case with ESC's free duct testing and sealing program.

A few years ago, ES Contracting approached our energy conservation specialist and proposed a program that tested and sealed ducts on manufactured homes in our service area. Extreme temperatures cause electric bills to skyrocket, and manufactured homes tend to have the leakiest duct systems, causing higher bills. Our program seeks to seal the ducts in as many manufactured homes as possible. So far this has been a massive success, having sealed the ducts in over 10,000 homes.

So, how do we offer this service?


"As manager of Mountain Vista MHC, I have all types of venders that walk into my office offering services to my residents, When Curtis arrived I figured free was too good to be true, boy was I wrong.

This company went above and beyond our expectations , while doing the home inspections and services, they were very professional. My residents have all been completely satisfied and happy with the work that was done and we are now getting the reports that their electric bills have been reduced so they are in the office thanking me.”

-Kay Wilhoit, Property Manager
Mountain Vista MHC

We work in partnership with your local utility company to optimize your duct system. Utility companies are required to reserve a certain amount of ratepayer money for energy efficiency programs. Duct sealing is one common program that many utilities implement, as having tight, leak-free duct systems delivers dramatically more efficient hot and cold air flow throughout the home. While many utilities require the customer contract the work AND THEN apply for a rebate, ES Contracting makes it easy by completing paperwork, performing the service, and receiving payment directly from the utility company, meaning less hassle and no out-of-pocket expenses for you, the homeowner.

Right now, ES Contracting is going door-to-door promoting this program. With your approval, we send the necessary paper work to your utility and take care of everything else. The member doesn't need to worry about anything but enjoying their warmer, more energy efficient home.


While eligibility will vary somewhat depending on the specific utility company programs in your area, our focus is generally towards manufactured and mobile home customers. These types of homes have the highest rate of low-quality and leaky duct systems, which means the greatest energy savings is found from sealing.

Currently we have partnerships with the following utility companies under their home efficiency programs:

We are constantly working to implement additional programs, so check back or call us at (520) 999-0541 to see about duct sealing in your area.


If your home uses a central air system, then you qualify. Just call and schedule an appointment with us today.


Duct Sealing

ESC has developed and trademarked PATSĀ®, Performance Air Testing & Sealing. These specifications and protocols allows ESC to provide high-volume duct sealing as cost-effectively and comprehensively as possible.

ESC has trained over 400 people on the PATS curriculum. Every ESC technician goes through a 5-day training session, including classroom and hands-on field training.

Duct Cleaning

ES Contracting is now offering full duct cleaning services for manufactured homes in your area. We use a Clean Craft SpinVax cleaning system which scrubs your ducts clear of dust, cobwebs, and other debris, maximizing efficiency and air quality in your home.

Residential Direct Install Measures

Depending on the specifics of the program your utility offers, we may be able to perform some of the following measures in addition to sealing your ducts.

  • Lighting
  • Air filter replacement
  • Aerators
  • Shower heads
  • Hot water pipe wraps



  • Eligibility approval: Instant
  • Duct sealing: 2-4 hours (including home inspection)
  • Additional efficiency measures: time varies

ES Contracting prides itself on an unrivaled customer service policy.The customer comes first. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and we consistently expect to exceed their expectations on every project.

All of our employees take this policy to heart, and deliver the highest standards when working with customers. We proudly maintain an excellent customer satisfaction rate with our clients. Trust that we will respond immediately to your needs, concerns, and questions.

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